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TGB Free Demo - Available Now


The free demo of TGB is available now on Steam!

During the promotion of TGB, I tended to use the phrases like "not like any other Puzzle RPG before" or "a pretty refreshing style of gameplay" or "unique battle system". So, how different, refreshing or unique it is? Seeing is believing, we’ve made a free demo to allow more players to experience what we think is a pretty refreshing style of gameplay.

In this demo, we’ve prepared one hero character and several beginning stages for players to experience. And there are two difficulties for you to choose. Feel free to download our game, play to your heart's content, and share your valuable feedback with us. We'll also be taking all comments and feedback seriously as to improve and optimize TGB.

P.S. We will release the Early Access version later this year. Remember to WISHLIST us on Steam.

Cheers, Wombo Combo Games





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