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Banquet Devlog 1: Basic Combat


The core concept of the combat system of TGB is to mix PuzzleRPG and Turn Based Tactics.

Thus, you can see that enemies in the TGB will move, attack and cast skills according to their own behavior pattern as the enemies in the Tactics Game. Meanwhile, player may change enemies’ position by matching the tiles.


You can deal a normal damage to an enemy by collecting the tiles adjacent to it. Extra damage will be dealt if four or more tiles are collected at the same time.

Prepare tiles ready to be matched at the position where enemy advancing toward by anticipating its action. Try to gather enemies together and attack multiple enemies with one single collecting. Evaluate the combat situation strategically while mastering the 3 matching skill and you will fight more efficiently.


This is a turn based game so after matching tiles the game will switch to the enemy turn. Like any other game, in the TGB, when your HP drops to zero, game over. Therefore, when you are sieged by the enemies, ceaselessly attacking is not a good option. Defending button will help you to neutralize the damage with your AM and wait for your opportunity to strike back. Of course, taking defend is not invulnerable. Using defend will end your current turn. You also must collect stone tiles to keep you AM above a certain level to cover the damage.


You can deal damage by collecting tiles on the board and different tiles will bring you unique buffs. For example, collecting meat tiles recover your HP, stone tiles to recover AM, mana portion to recover MP and so on.

Now you may have lots of questions. How can I change enemies’ position? What are the MP that looks familiar in the HearthStone for ? How can I use the Guardians’ skills? See you in the next log! :)

BTW, we will release a DEMO on Steam on August 17th. Remember to wishlist us on Steam!


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